Body Color/Seat Color

Battery Size

*36V24Ah:Planned Stock

Front Fender + Images

Air Pump + Images

※Tires are defated upon delivery

Rear Carrier Base + Images

※Rear carrier and backrest cannot be attached at the same time

Rear Carrier Set + Images

※Rear carrier and backrest cannot be attached at the same time

Backrest + Images

※Rear carrier and backrest cannot be attached at the same time

Total:264,000 yen

Maverick S1-350

¥264,000 or Aplus Monthly Payment from ¥3,800

Motor: 36V 0.35kW
Lithium Ion Battery:
36V 10.4Ah (25-30km of range at 30km/h)
36V 24Ah (55-70km of range at 30km/h)
Choice of 36V 10.4Ah or 36V 24Ah.
Brakes: Mechanical Brakes
Driving License: No License required
Top Speed: Power assist stops at 24km/h.
Weight: 31㎏
Delivery Time: Click on a body color to see the delivery time. If it is in stock, it will be delivered in a week.

Delivery Policy
The bike is assembled in the factory and inspected electrically and mechanically. Then, it is disassembled in part to put in the card board box. For this reason, you need to fix the handle bar, front tire, etc. by yourself. We can deliver the completed bike if you like. It is the paid service. Please see ourTech Service.
Refer to Maverick S1 Assembly Manual. The shipping fee of the card board delivery is ¥6,000 in Japan except for the destination of Okinawa and small islands that cost ¥18,000. Please contact us for the completed bike delivery fee. If you buy the bike with some small size options such as the front fender, remote key and air pump, no additional shipping fee is charged. The other items require the shipping fees from ¥500 to ¥1,000 depending on the size and weight. The shipping fee for 1 to 3 items is the same.

Initial Failure
We replace a defective item/part with a new one within a week after it is delivered. Please don't fail to check if the delivered item works correctly.
Please understand the following cases are not applied to the initial failure.
- Small scratches which are made in the process of production or inspection
- Slight differences from the visuals on our homepage Design and function are subject to change without notice.
- Sensory events such as noises and vibrations that don't affect the functionality.
- Dirt and scale which are made in the delivery process
- Small functional differences from the spec listed on the homepage

The following parts are one year warranty under the normal use.
- Battery *Less than 100 time charges
- Hub motor
- Control unit
- Front / Rear forks
- Body frame

MaverickS1 Test drive notice