California Style

In the sunny paradise of California, adventurers enjoy the experience and pure joy of beachside fat-tire biking, basking in the glorious sunshine. The chosen steeds for this adventure are none other than the Maverick S1, renowned for their high-speed motors and exceptional performance. These remarkable machines boast an imposing aluminum frame, advanced front and rear suspensions, a robust 60V powerhouse motor, and a capacious 40 Ah lithium-ion battery - all of which we proudly call our signature specs. Embracing the Maverick Style means personalizing your ride to reflect your unique passions and preferences, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant world of bike life.
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How to enjoy Maverick S1 ?

The versatile Maverick S1, built for adaptability, is ready to accommodate a variety of needs, whether it's transporting a surfboard along the streets or even carrying a golf bag to the course. Whether you choose the original rear carriers or opt for third-party accessories, they all enhance your biking experience and make it more enjoyable.

カリフォルニアスタイル MaverickS1

サーフキャリア + S1


S1 + Surfboard Carrier

The surfboard carrier is adjustable to accommodate boards of varying lengths and securely attaches to the bike frame. In the image above, you can see a carrier product compatible with our bikes, manufactured by Moved by Bike.The surfboard carrier is adjustable to accommodate boards of varying lengths and securely attaches to the bike frame. In the image above, you can see a carrier product compatible with our bikes, manufactured by Moved by Bike.



S1 + Rear Carrier +Fishing Rod Mount

A third party fishing rod mount is attached.

S1 + リアキャリアベース + ゴルフキャリア


S1 + Rear Carrier + Golf Bag Carrier

The golf bag carrier made by Divinick International is attached.



S1 + Surfboard Carrier

The surfboard carrier can hold sets of ski equipment, showcasing its versatile functionality. Our carrier attachments can be employed in various ways to suit your needs.



S1 + S1 Original Electric Inverter

The 60V battery is transformed into AC100V, making it versatile for a range of applications, including emergency and outdoor use.
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Simple & Rough

Maverick S1 bikes are designed for effortless customization, allowing you to assemble them to your exact preferences. With your creative vision, S1 bikes can be transformed into unique, one-of-a-kind models.

Unlike foldable frames, Maverick S1 opts for sturdy, non-folding frames to ensure the utmost durability for high-speed riding. Our robust aluminum frames are built to withstand the rigors of the road.

The rugged and rustic aesthetics of the Maverick S1 are perfectly suited for both outdoor adventures and urban commutes.

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Maverick Frame

The Maverick S1 series shares a common frame and tire base, offering the flexibility to customize your bike by interchanging components such as the motor, brakes, and more to align with your specific needs.

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Enjoy customizing

The original seat setting of the S1 is fixed to the straight pipe frame, therefore you have the freedom to switch it out for a single seat or any other seat configuration of your choice. Likewise, the default off-road tires can be swapped for on-road tires or any other tire variety that suits your preferences.

カスタマイズ コンセプト

Easy Maintenance

The motor, brakes, gears, and various other components are readily available as common bike supplies. Should you encounter any issues with your bike, you can easily source replacement parts online or at local bike shops.

カスタマイズ コンセプト

CBS brakes adopted

In compliance with the recently enacted law effective from October 1, 2021, we have integrated the CBS (Combined Braking System) into our design. This system activates both the front and rear brakes when you engage either the right or left brake lever.

カスタマイズ コンセプト

Three Modes

1.Bicycle Mode

Pedaling with Shimano 7 gears.

2.Electric Assist Mode

Pedaling with the power assist.

3.Full Electric mode

Motor riding

60V High Power motor

Front/Rear Dumper

Front and rear whleel disc brakes

Shimano 7 gears

Throttel Grip

Speed meter


Original Blue Print and Design Concept

Although the 48V motor is a standard choice for e-bikes globally, Maverick S1 has opted for the higher-powered 60V motor. This decision was made due to the fact that the 48V motor lacks the necessary power to compete with the 50cc engine scooters, which are gradually being replaced by e-bikes in Japan. Our initial endeavor involves developing our own controller unit tailored for the 60V 1.0kW motor.

The Maverick S1 is equipped to accommodate two sets of batteries. When you incorporate the secondary battery, it effectively doubles the cruising distance. These batteries are designed to be easily removable and portable, weighing as little as 4kg, allowing you to conveniently transport them to your home or office for charging. Our mission is centered on delivering extended and enduring rides that rival the performance of traditional engine scooters.

While the majority of e-bikes are manufactured with European and US consumers in mind, featuring seat positions typically around 90-100cm, we have made adjustments to accommodate the preferences of Japanese riders by lowering the seat position for a more comfortable and user-friendly riding experience.

The control box is strategically positioned beneath the seat to shield it from dust and water exposure. For simplified maintenance, the primary electrical components are linked using consolidated cables.

MaverickS1 電圧によるパワー比較

Weight: 28.5kg (Battery not included)
Length: 1730mm
Handle Heigh: 980mm
Handle Width: 670mm
Tire Size: 20”x4”
Recommended Height: 155-190cm

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4 Model from Maverick S1

  • Maverick S1-350 (Electric Assist=No Driving License Required)

    ¥264,000 (Tax included) or Aplus loan monthly ¥3,900~
    36V / 0.35kW Motor
    Battery:10.4Ah/24Ah Lithium Ion
    This model is registered as a bicycle.
    The power assist stops at 24km/h or more.
    Upgrade kit is here
  • Maverick S1-600 (Class1)

    ¥319,000 (Tax included) or Aplus loan monthly ¥4,700~
    60V / 0.6kW motor model
    Battery:15Ah/20Ah Lithium Ion
    Class1 Moped License
    Top Speed: 50km/h
  • Maverick S1-1000 (Class2)

    ¥341,000 (Tax included) or Aplus loan monthly ¥5,000~
    60V / 1.0kW Motor
    Battery: 60V 15Ah / 20Ah Lithium Ion
    CBS(Combined Braking System)
    Class2 Moped License
    Tandem Riding Allowed
    Top Speed: 55km/h
  • MaverickS1-1000R (Class2)

    ¥352,000 (Tax included) or Aplus loan monthly ¥5,200~
    60V / 1.0kW Motor
    Battery: 60V 15Ah / 20Ah Lithium Ion
    CBS(Combined Braking System)
    Class2 Moped License
    Tandem Riding Allowed
    Top Speed: 65km/h
MaverickS1 デュアルバッテリー

Cruising Distance
E-bike (S1-600, S1-1000)
Single Battery: 50-65km
Dual Batteries: 100-130km
*Normal spec is the single battery. The dual battery is the option.
*This cruising distance is assumed when you ride at 30km/h and varies from the way of riding, road condition, temperature.

Motor Fan 8/17

Maverick S1-350

¥264,000(tax included)


¥319,000(tax included)


¥341,000(tax included)


¥352,000(tax included)

Customer's voice

S1-1000 user's review : "Impressions after riding for a month"

It accelerates rapidly to over 50km/h.
The rigidity of the frame is extremely high. The brakes work well too.
S1-1000 User

Put it on a Camping car.
Used to carry two bicycles, But now I have one because it can carry two passengers.
S1-1000 User

Ride in Chofu, Tokyo. People talk to me all over the place.
S1-1000 User

About the guarantee

Regarding the following parts, 1 year guarantee under the normal use. The optional parts are not covered.

Controller Unit
Front/Rear fork
Body frame
*Battery should be charged less than 100 times.

Regarding maximum speed and cruising range performance improvement

Maverick S1 Innovation (Firmware) 2022.Mar.22

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